Hyundai Tucson Jakarta

Hyundai Tucson

Count the small wins.
Realizing that you are a canvas of endless potential, you are constantly challenging yourself to be better. It’s time to discover the undiscovered. Start small, make a mess, but just keep going. Every mark represents your growth. Because these moments and experiences are worth treasuring.

harga mulai dari :

Rp. 464.000.000

DP mulai dari :

90 jt-an

atau cicilan :

6 jt-an

Partnering with small challengers.
Life is full of consequences. But with the right partner, there’s nothing to fear. Tucson makes your everyday challenges easier and more enjoyable, no matter how big or small. Tucson’s dynamic style and performance will provide the assurance and safety you need when expanding your boundaries.

Desain & Teknologi
Desain & Teknologi

Thoughtful interior features that let you focus.
Once you’ve decided to make a change, go for it. The driver’s seat in Tucson has a hassle-free line up of the most essential, cutting edge technologies that lets you stay focused on your mission. Tucson’s roomy interior is also big enough to accommodate all the tools you need to achieve your wins.


Performance without compromise.
By squeezing more out of every drop of fuel, Tucson engines deliver everything you ask of them—power, smooth acceleration and economy, without compromise.


Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)
Providing class-leading rigidity with new active safety features, Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) and hot-stamping process, All-new Tucson ensures top security for a smoother ride.


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